- fresh out of the studio THIS WEEK - "Livin' In A Love Song" - Jackson / Layne - available for download exclusively thru THIS email as a PLM mailing list subscriber! 

- also just released "On Top of the World" - Jackson / Layne - a little jazz duet to get your toes a tappin'. find it for download on my music page 

- and the new "REMIXES" EP - featuring all re-worked Penni Layne & the Wonder Boys versions of Somethin' / I Know You're Mine / Feels Like 



Upcoming LIVE SHOWS :

Thank you to all of you that joined us at Cambridge's Sumiao Hunan Kitchen for the gigs in APRIL - we will be back there later in the summer! 

UNTIL THEN - check us out via SM to see where we are and what we're up to in the coming weeks - BIG SURPRISE GIGS AHEAD!