From the recording At the First Snowfall

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At the First Snowfall 

At the first snowfall
Floating gently in the night, 
Where the earth is lightly kissed
In white
It’ s the time of year 
I long to hear 
Those Yuletide melodies
The ones that speak to my childhood heart

Watching embers glow 
As we slowly trim the tree
Telling tales of yesterday
And what could be
And the photographs
Of Christmas past
Bring back my memories
And love that we've shared from the start

Scenes that remind me 
That It’s A Wonderful Life
With Nat Cole crooning
The joy of Silent Night
I am lost  
In the magic of this time
With family near 
As we hold each other tight 

As the fire fades 
Little drowsy eyes are closing 
And the star atop the tree is 
Gleaming bright 

And we are lost 
In the beauty of these sights
We gather near 
And everything’s alright
In the hope of dreams come true

At the first snowfall.

Co. 2020 Jackson / Layne