From the recording "Somethin'" - the Remixes

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It seems when I play hard to get
You know you’ll win out every time
You tell me you’re no fool for love
And then you change your mind
Sometimes we don’t see eye2eye
But baby that’s ok
And if the world comes crashing down
We will say

CHORUS: Every day is beautiful
And everything is fine, so fine
No mater what this life might bring
I know you’re mine.
Baby I know you’re mine.

You know we’ve been thru think and thin
And still we laugh all night
We’ve had our times of trials babe
But we’ll work to get it right
I couldn’t know how to love you more
And if you asked I’d give my all
There’s no trouble that can break us down
Or make us fall


BRIDGE: Honey you have made all my skies turn blue
From any storm that comes our way
Everyday brings out the best in us two
And with you, I wanna to stay (drum beat…into “there’s no trouble that can break us down or make us fall…)