From the recording "Somethin'" - the Remixes

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There’s a stir in me
One I’ve never known
Telling me to
Take this stormy road
Stumble on the way
I breathe in the life you give
Trusting that we’ll make it last for
One more day

…cause it feels like 
in the blowing wind 
feels like 
summer rain on me
and it feels like 
this is 
than I’ve ever gone
feels like 
summer rain on me

When I’m all alone
The doubts can thunder in
Are you the One
That I’ve waited for?
So much history
Chapters of love and loss
Shared by two people
We’ve weathered it all because…


pour down that rain on me (4x)


outro: Shower down
I feel it now
the rain for you and me
Pour it on
love so strong
feelin’ the rain….